Program Design & Layout

Murder In Green Meadows

I’ve always liked to make the programs for the Kaleidoscope Theatre Production shows part of an immersive theatrical experience, and relate it to the performance. For example, The Fox On The Fairway’s program was a “golf scorecard” while the Boeing Boeing program was an operations manual for a Boeing 707. For Murder In Green Meadows, I wanted to continue the tradition of immersive program experiences.

From the outset, I had the idea to make the program resemble a fake newspaper, with the show’s title as the dramatic headline. I experimented with a number of different font stylings and page layouts before settling on the final design. For the photo, I found what I felt was a good image of a typical suburban sprawl. There is a little secret message in latin under “The Kaleidoscope”, paraphrasing Aii Svii from William Shakespeare’s As You Like It:

Absconditus est annuntiatio: ipsum solum omnes mundi theatro, nos
This is a hidden message: all the world’s a stage, and we are the players

The inside of the program is the latest in the slowly-evolving design I’ve been using for all KTP playbills, trying to develop a standard design for all playbill materials.

The blood splatter was a last-minute addition, when I felt that the cover needed something else. I wanted to add a little extra suspense and intrigue for the theatre-goers while they waited for the show to begin.