Pamphlet / Map Design & Layout

Elmwood Village Map & Guide (2016)

I was beyond excited to be asked to work on the Neighborhood Guide for the Elmwood Village Association again this year!

My goal this time around was to create another unique cover for the guide which would be eye-catching, unique, and something both the Association and I both liked. I decided to keep the heart and ELMWOOD VILLAGE title from last year, but updated some of the other text elements. Carrying these over would make them look just similar enough to last year’s for recognition, but not enough that they would still be distinguishable.

I also decided to drop the collage background and use one singular image taken from my Phantom 3 quadcopter of a concert in the heart of the Elmwood Village. These concerts are a staple of summer life in the Village and I thought it a good representation of the Association and the neighborhood as a whole.

Aside from the business updates on the map side, most of the map side design carried over from last year.

For last year’s design, please see below!

Pamphlet / Map Design & Layout

Elmwood Village Map & Guide (2015)

After several posters and other small projects, the Elmwood Village Association asked me if I would be interested in designing and updating their neighborhood guide pamphlet & map.

I was provided with the previous project’s files for updating and guidance, but the EVA wanted to completely overhaul the way the project was laid out. For the inside, they only wanted the map and listings. Prevously, there were lots of other lists and information which took up valuable space, leaving the actual map and listings to only half of the page.

To start, I moved everything except the listings and map to the cover side, I made the map 1/2 of the page, and the listings the other half. After updating their listings and the map directory, I then set my sights on the cover.

Again, the EVA wanted to take their cover in a totally new direction and had a basic idea of what they wanted. I put together what they wanted, and then what I thought would work. I wound up refining their idea which included the tiled images on the cover, and then created my own title and text treatments with the red heart to help create a focus.

The challenge for the cover / ad side of the map was placing the lists and everything leftover from the map side in with the ads in a cohesive manner. I eventually settled on keeping all the lists and info in Elmwood Village green boxes, which helps to differentiate them.

I couldn’t be prouder of how this projece turned out. It’s so cool to see this out in a bunch of local places, and I’m happy that I got to help spread the word about my neighborhood!